Don’t know what a scripty does? I’ll explain...


The responsibilities of a script supervisor go far beyond the basics of recalling if an actor had a cup in their right or left hand. It goes deeper to being a creative collaborator and ensuring the project will smoothly cut together and create an impactful story. To do this, Roe digs into the script to confirm and resolve possible continuity errors before they happen on set. Once on set, she works closely with the Director and Cinematographer to ensure proper scene coverage and essential performances. Finally, she creates detailed notes for the post production team to eliminate excessive time reviewing unusable media.


What difference does Roe make?
“[We] appreciate all your copious notes!”
-Greg Harrison, Director of The Leftovers Promo (HBO)


“Thanks Roe, very detailed. Nicely put together. This will be a lot of help when logging and setting up the media in Avid.”
-David Hughes, Media Manager, Indigo Films


“Thank you so much for the notes.  It’s all so fascinating to see it all laid out. I know Kim will love having these in hand and will make editing so much easier!”
-Patty Jean Robinson, Pike and Trident


And lookie there! I’ve worked on multiple award winning and nationally recognized films:

The Escort screens at Los Angeles Film Festival!


Trying Not To Explode won Best Film at Nashville Film Festival!


Entertainment screens at Sundance and SXSW!


The Witch wins Remi Award at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival!


FOUND wins Audience Award at Hollyshorts Fest!


Pike And Trident screened at The Artemis Film Festival!