How'd I get here?


Now an award-winning producer, I started producing when I was the team leader of a 48 Hour Film Project team in Denver, Colorado. After that experience, I couldn’t wait to put together another team and produce another film that audiences will enjoy. With the skill of producing, I have found it to be an avenue to make work that deserves to be seen and work with great people.

After being the team leader, I got some real life experience working in a variety of positions including producer’s assistant to Rahvaunia Johnson on her film, No Rainbow. I’ve worked with SAG-AFTRA contracts and paperwork, working with high profile talent, and know what it takes to create a successful film — large or small!

Currently, I am in pre-production for our first feature film and and traveling with my award-winning short film Dark Specter.

If you’d like more information about these upcoming projects and what we have in development, check out PiePieProductions.com for further details!