What are people saying about me?

“It is quite possible that on Dark Specter, I might have found the love of my professional producing life. She is smart, organized, capable, crafty, and takes no shit from anyone. Roe Moore is nothing short of an absolutely amazing human being who really knows how to get things done, she can really bring a production together and fast. I kinda knew her for at least half a year but I had no idea that the warm and friendly face I’d see in the hallways at Second City from time to time, but who knew that behind that smile lives the pupal stage of a powerhouse producer. Out of a meeting where I had just been looking for a little advice on getting things rolling, Roe made it clear that she was coming on board my project and then she treated it like it was a passion project of her own. She organized the hell out of it, kept me completely on track, and handled any issues as if they were water off a duck’s back. She found me some very good people to work with and she kept the set running as smoothly as any set I’ve ever been on. Closing time, she was the last one out the door and she is going to be with me all the way through post. I keep calling it my project but it really has become our project. It is an honor to be sharing this movie and all the experiences that go with it with this wonderful woman.”

-Bruce Nachsin, Dark Specter

“You are amazing…I couldn’t have pulled off yesterday without you.”

-Natalie Lauer, The Lord and Other Creatures