Roe’s Director Vision

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There are two ways to define my unique POV as a creator and when I approach a project. I am very passionate about coming-of-age and teen/youth stories because that period of life is so crucial and shapes us for the rest of our lives. It’s fascinating to me that those formidable 2-4 years between 13-16 stick with us for the remainder of our 40-50 years that we live. Because of this, I gracefully accept taking on the responsibility to write stories to inspire and provide an outlet to let those teens know they’re not alone in the what they face on a day-to-day basis. Films and television are ways to touch the audience and let them know what’s going on around them and how they fit in. And during those years, many seek that connection.

My voice is unique because my formidable years were split between two vastly different generational values. I was raised by my dad who was born in the 40s while my mother was a flower child born in the 60s. Because of this, I came to understand and lived through two very contrasting perspectives — particularly when it came to women’s rights. I consider this an asset because I am able to not only relate to the current millennial challenges, but also see how things from previous generations have evolved and brought us to today. I use this when bringing characters to life to give them characteristics and beliefs true of these time eras. It also allows for another distinct layer of conflict because the story lines not only challenge the external circumstances the characters face, but they must overcome and accept the circumstances of their inner selves before they can allow the external circumstances to change.